Monday, November 20, 2017

David Villa: I've known Isco since he was a child, he's world class and will improve

Underneath the Big Apple is a big player, in many senses of the word. David Villa showed up for Valencia, Barcelona, Spain and many more time after time when they most needed him, and he continues to do so for New York City FC.

Speaking to MARCA, the striker talks Isco, Los Che, and life in the US.

What do you say to those who still think the MLS is a minor league?

"I think that anyone who has actually watched an MLS game can say that it's a very competitive, physical and attractive league."

What did you think when you first saw your face lit up at Times Square?

"It was very exciting to see myself in such a mythical and symbolic place, it was interesting."

How many players and old teammates have called you up, interested in joining the MLS adventure?

"Really, quite a few. The MLS is growing a lot and is having more and more global impact. Many have called me and are interested in what's going on here."

When one of the big teams in Europe struggles to score, some people always think of bringing Villa back. Does that sound crazy to you?

"I'm very happy to know that people remember me but at the moment I'm very happy here and I'm not considering a return to Europe."


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